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Welcome to Paul Tesslers Golf Learning Center.
Golf is a game... and games are supposed to be fun. The objective at Tessler Golf is to increase your level of enjoyment by improving your scores.

- The better you play, the more fun it gets. -

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Kids Clinic
9-Hole Golf Course
Driving Range

Get Professional Golf Swing Analysis

It's easy. Simply take a video of your swing on your camera and email it to me along with a few short questions about your golf game. I'll then take a look at your video and email back some quick tips on how to improve your swing and your golf game.
- Just Ask How -


“As a high school golf coach I value what Paul has done for my golfers over the years by helping to get them ready for scholastic competition. The short game work some of my players have done over the winter with Paul has taken those final tough strokes off their score.” 

Terry Kekic. Head Golf Coach, Ravenna High School. Ravenna, Ohio.